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Valor CM from Liberty Call Center Solutions

Valor CM utilizes data to objectively determine each agent’s areas of opportunity and automatically assigns customized coaching lessons directly to each supervisor or eLearning to each agent, for targeted and effective performance improvement.

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Intelligent Performance Mangement

Don't just hope that your supervisor's know what your agents need to improve.  Integrate data to automatically assign coaching and to give supervisors the training content they need for each agent.  

  • Data-driven and focused Training Plans and Coaching Forms for each skill or behavior

  • Intelligently coach by integrating with Customer Surveys, Speech Analytics, KPI and QA data to automatically assign coaching to Supervisors

  • eLearning automatically assigned    

  • Import, customize and create training content based on the best practices of your best agents

Supervisor Excellence

Ensure your supervisors know how to help your agents.  Provide tips, examples and instructions for every coaching session and for every skill and topic.

  • Step by Step coaching instructions for sales, support, collections and retention.

  • "Teach, Don’t Tell" agent engagement

  • Practice and role play in EVERY coaching session

  • Training the Coach Triads

  • Simple to use agent and supervisor dashboards

  • Complete Coaching Plans to ensure agent improvement


Ensure all of your supervisors are effectively teaching and motivating their agents.  Track and report on who is coaching who, what is being trained and how each agent is improving performance.

  • Full Supervisor and Agent Reports 

  • Measure coaching effectiveness

  • Assign training directly to supervisors and eLearning Worksheets directly to agents

  • Searchable Coaching Form and Agent Training Database

  • Coaching Acknowledgements

  • HR Policy and Compliance management tracking

Valor CM Pays for Itself 

51% of companies with a strong coaching culture report higher revenue than their industry peer group. (Human Capital Institute)

Companies that offer training alone experience 22.4% increase in productivity, but when combined with follow-up coaching that figure rises to 88% Gerald Olivero, Denise Bane & Richard Kopelman, Public Personnel Management.

Contact Center Tech Expenses

Contact Center Tech ROI

 $10 USD/User

Valor CM

50x ROI

ICF Global Coaching Client Study

~ $35 - $70 USD/User

WFM, QA, Analytics

4x ROI

IDC Report

~ $150 - $300 USD/User

ACD/Dialer, CRM

8x ROI

Nucleus Research

Valor CM Features

Data-driven, Automated Coaching Assignments & eLearning

  • API data integration 

    • OR​

  • Simple manual data upload

    • Speech Analytics

    • Customer Surveys

    • KPI Reports

    • QA Data and Reports

Customizable Training Content for Sales, Support, Collections and Customer Retention

  • Skill-based coaching lessons

  • eLearning worksheets

  • Agent Improvement Plans

  • Add images, videos and call recordings to Coaching Forms and eLearning

Agent Dashboard

  • Electronic Acknowledgments

  • Assigned eLearning Worksheets

  • Coaching and eLearning History

  • Completed Coaching Forms 

  • Coaching and eLearning Notifications 

  • Visual performance tracking and training impact

Supervisor Dashboard Dashboard

  • Assigned Training To-Do Lists

  • Agent Training History 

  • Skill-based Agent Improvement Coaching Plans

  • Coaching Form Quick-links with Training Content

Manager Dashboard

  • Quick-view of Supervisor incomplete Assigned Training, previous month and MTD completed agent training

  • Train the Coach Triad Forms

  • Coaching Form and eLearning Worksheet Database

  • Quick-Assign and Multi-Assign Training and eLearning

  • View Supervisor and Agent Dashboards


  • Supervisor and Agent Training Reports

  • Assigned Training Reports

  • eLearning Worksheet Reports

  • Executive Email Report

  • Coaching Form Database

  • eLearning Worksheet Database

  • Supervisor Effectiveness Report

Security and Technology

  • White-label capable

  • Customizable URLs

  • 100% cloud-based on AWS

  • IP List Firewall

  • Cross-Site Request Forgery and XSS protection

  • MySQL injection prevention

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