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Are your coaching and performance management strategies increasing revenue?

Do your supervisors teach their agents and
improve skills or do they just manage?

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Accountability Case Study

Problem: A company wanted to hold their customer support team leads accountable for improving agent skills rather than simply conducting administrative sessions and calling it "coaching."

Solution: Valor CM agent plans were implemented with skill-focused training lessons and reports were generated showing the subject of the supervisor to agent interaction.


Results: Valor CM allowed Managers to hold Supervisors accountable to teach skills.  Supervisors reduced their Administrative focused agent discussions as a percentage of all coaching by 12% and increased their skill-based coaching to 80% of all agent interactions.

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Collections Case Study

Problem:  An outsourcer was struggling to improve their auto loan collections program with a limited agent hiring pool, high attrition and a lack of management experience. 

Solution:  Liberty worked with their debt collections experts and developed agent coaching plans emphasizing discovery and negotiation skills.

Results: Valor CM improved Kept Rate 11% and dollars per Hour 35%.

Are your supervisors improving agent performance or driving agent attrition?

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Agent Attrition Case Study

Problem:  An outsourcer was struggling with attrition due to poor supervisor to agent engagements. 

Solution:  To eliminate negative engagement and to ensure skill-based teaching, Liberty trained supervisors and implemented agent improvement plans based on teaching, practicing and role playing.


Results: Over a 8 month period, Valor CM reduced attrition by 40% versus two other auto loan debt collections programs in the same location.

Do your agent's only take
orders or do they increase sales?

Telesales Case Study

Problem: An outsource provider needed to boost the highspeed data sales conversion for their client. 

Solution:  Liberty customized agent improvement plans to focus supervisors on training  sales skills including Building Trust, Probing, Presentations, Overcoming Objections and Closing the Sale. 

Results: Valor CM improved high speed internet sales conversion 50% for a Fortune 500 Telecom.

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Do your outbound sales agent's sell or do they just make calls?

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Outbound Sale Case Study

Problem: A BPO wanted to improve their agents sales skills and increase pay for performance revenue.


Solution: Valor CM customized supervisor coaching forms, mirroring best practices from the highest selling agents and built skills training specifically designed for the companies product.

Results: Valor CM improved B2B outbound sales conversion from 5.1 unit sales per agent/month to 12.7 unit sales per agent/month, a sales conversion improvement of 149%.

Are you throwing money away
by only training in the classroom?

Training vs. Training with Coaching Case Study

LCCS Study:  Liberty conducted an experiment with their Central American partner to verify Xerox study results.  Valor CM was deployed on only one half of the nesting agents. 


Results: Compared to other new hires not being coached utilizing Valor CM coaching plans,  Valor CM agents increased sales for every product and produced a 48% total increase in sales.

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Do your agents help or hurt your customer’s experience? 

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Retention Case Study

Problem:  A near-shore BPO was struggling to save their clients customers from abandoning their print newspaper subscriptions. 

Solution: Liberty customized training content to focus agents on discovering customer concerns, establishing what the customer enjoyed about the newspaper and reversing cancellation requests. 

Results: Valor CM for Customer Retention  increased customer retention 25% in just 30 days.

Quality Assurance Case Study

Problem:  A Central American provider was struggling with their clients Customer Support QA KPIs.  Low performing agents were jeopardizing the program results.

Solution: Liberty worked with the provider to develop and customize QA improvement plans in line with the client driven QA form.  

Results: Valor CM for customer support improved QA scores an average of 16% for low performing agents.

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“The Valor CM Customer Support program is working perfectly. As long as we continue with the intensive coaching, the results will continue to improve.”  - Andres Velasquez, Program Manager

Do your collections agents negotiate and collect payment or do they just annoy customers? 

Collections Case Study

Problem: A BPO needed to ramp quickly while improving the customer experience and maintaining focus on KPIs for their collections agents.

Solution: Liberty implemented Valor CM end-to-end performance management  emphasizing empathy, call control, discovery and negotiation skills.

Results: Valor CM, integrated with speech analytics, reduced AHT greater than 3 minutes, improved QA scores 25%, improved positive customer sentiment 14% all while increasing PTP from 68.28% to 78.45%.

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