We help contact centers succeed.

Liberty Call Center Solutions was founded in 2009 with the simple idea that contact centers succeed based on their people and that positive coaching and supervisor development are primary to the customer experience, agent improvement, employee engagement and increased revenue.

Liberty Call Center Solutions has developed Valor CM coaching management software to help our clients improve CX, reduce attrition costs and achieve KPI goals far exceeding industry averages. 
In an industry that is increasingly driven by process, technology and data, Liberty Call Center Solutions knows that it is the people who make the difference. 

Our Why

In most contact centers today, agents feel that they only receive coaching from their supervisors when they have done something wrong.  Unfortunately, communication and coaching are generally punitive and drive attrition.  At LCCS, our Valor CM software and leadership development training focuses coaching on positive communications and skill development.  We guarantee productive agent interactions by ensuring that supervisors have the tools and training to engage agents and coach skills rather than only provide negative feedback.   

Our How

We integrate speech analytics data, QA scorecards, customer surveys or KPI reports directly with our revolutionary Valor CM coaching software and allow you to customize skill based coaching lessons that are automatically assigned and tracked based on each agents specific needs.  We have helped our clients increase telesales conversion by more than 50% and increase customer retention by 25%.  Valor CM, for Customer Support, has helped our clients increase their agent’s quality scores by an average of 10% and Valor CM for Debt Collections has increased Kept Rate 11% and $/hour 35%.   

President & CEO

Spencer is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has earned a Master’s Degree from George Mason University.  He has more than 20 years of management experience in the Contact Center industry.  Having worked for both BPOs and outsourcers such as TouchCommerce, CGS Inc, Comcast, Charter, UUNET and Sprint, Spencer has a unique view of the industry from both ends of the spectrum.  His experience includes working with the largest global contact center providers and with boutique solution BPOs.


Focused on providing leadership and coaching tools to employees and business partners, Spencer has helped clients drive success through understanding and managing human behavior patterns as they apply in contract development, operational process, KPI development, quality assurance and performance management.  Spencer believes that leadership starts with trust and that people and relationships continue to be the key driver of successful contact centers.

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