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Start a no obligation free trial of Valor CM today!

Getting started is easy!  

  • After submitting the free trial form, we will reach out to you to get started. 

  • Liberty Call Center Solutions will create a unique database for just your users, data and content. 

  • As part of the free trial, we will upload your first group of users.  You can download the New User form here and email it to

  • After creating your Valor CM site, we will provide free training on how to use your data to assign coaching and eLearning and how to customize the coaching lessons for your program.  

  • You can download Valor CM User Guides here.

Terms and Conditions
  • The Valor CM free trial period is a no obligation, no contract 60 day free trial of Valor CM cloud-based performance management software.  There is no obligation past the 60 day free trial period and no automatic service agreement if the trial is not cancelled. 

  • The Valor CM free trial includes Valor CM customizable coaching lessons and eLearning but does not include. professional services or Liberty Call Center Solutions customization.

  • The Valor CM free trial is limited to one (1) program per company.

  • The Valor CM free trial allows for manual data integration upload but does not include automated API integration.

  • Both LIberty Call Center Solutions, LLC and "company" agree that the free trial period may be cancelled at any time for convenience.  

  • Valor CM Liberty Call Center Solutions, LLC is not liable for damages or loss due to agent misuse of technology or customer information.  

Thanks for signing up! We will be in touch shortly.

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