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Intelligent Coaching

Contact Center supervisors have a tough job. Yesterday you were on the floor as a top performer. Today, you are a first-time manager, responsible for coaching and motivating your own team. Your Ops manager needs reports, emails are piling up, QA is knit-picking with double-jeopardy scoring categories and your team’s KPIs are in the tank. Good luck. Now go coach! Questions abound, your confidence shrinks, and you do the only thing that you have ever known, you coach the same way that you were coached. You print KPI and QA reports and have the agent listen to a call and then score and critique themselves. The problem is, when you were an agent, the reviews from your supervisor were positive, after all, you were a top-performer. Now, you are working with the low-performers and it takes hours to listen to and select calls, and then 80% of your agents leave every coaching session feeling like they just left the boxing ring after fighting Mohammad Ali. It doesn’t have to be this way. Rather than subjectively or reactively coaching based on one call, a small sample of calls or a KPI report. Intelligent coaching utilizes Speech Analytics, customer survey data, QA scorecards and KPI reports to objectively determine each agent’s areas of opportunity. Managers associate selected keywords from Speech Analytics, customer feedback from surveys, QA categories and KPI data directly to detailed coaching instructions and eLearning worksheets, which are then automatically assigned to each supervisor. Customized coaching content, specific for each agent and based on intelligent and objective data, is right on the supervisor’s dashboard --- one-click away. There is no subjective coaching, time-wasted listening to multiple calls trying to determine agent needs or searching for training content. Every call that was scored or analyzed, or each customer survey that contributed to create a coaching suggestion, is linked directly to the coaching form and, each coaching form has detailed coaching instructions and content to ensure effective coaching and performance improvement. Intelligent coaching provides every supervisor with who to coach, what to coach, how to coach and with training content to ensure a positive coaching session and to build agent performance.

How it works

Liberty Call Center Solutions experts work with your Operations and Training teams to define and document the skills and attributes that make your best agents successful. Using our skill development activities, or your own training plans, coaching instructions and eLearning worksheets are created online and are customized for your program and for each skill or subject your agents need to master. Simultaneously, we integrate speech analytics data, QA scorecards, customer surveys or KPI reports directly with the coaching software. Once integrated, specific coaching activities or eLearning worksheets are attached to the keywords, areas of opportunity and QA categories. Your team can then select and control the required category score or keyword frequency that triggers a suggested coaching. When attaching coaching activities or eLearning worksheets to keywords, survey data and scorecard categories, the software allows your team to control how often the suggested coaching activities are sent to supervisors and how long they remain on your supervisor’s dashboard. Additionally, as more call, survey or QA data is consumed by the software, existing suggested coaching notifications collect the new call or survey records and automatically add them to the current notification. From the coaching dashboard, supervisors can use one click to go directly to a suggested coaching, review all the call records or surveys that triggered the suggestion, listen to the call and then decide to complete the coaching form or archive the notification. Liberty Call Center Solutions provides detailed reports of every suggested coaching, the coaching activity attached and whether it was completed, auto-archived or manually archived by the supervisor.

“You wouldn’t send a trainer to a classroom to “wing it” without a training plan and presentation. Why send a supervisor to a coaching session without a coaching plan and lesson guide?”

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