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Do your supervisors know how to coach ?   

McKinsey & Company: Supervisors fail to differentiate between incidental feedback and true coaching

Xerox: 87% of skills taught in training are lost without follow-up coaching.

McKinsey & Company: Effective supervisors spend at least 50% of their time coaching. 

Harvard Business Review: Effective coaches produce 19% better performance than less effective coaches.

ICF: Companies that invest in coaching receive an average of 7x ROI

Valor CM is the only coaching software that teaches your supervisors HOW to coach.  
For less than $10/month, Valor CM will transform your supervisors into Superstars.  

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McKinsey & Company: A significant gap in performance from top agents to bottom agents indicates a coaching problem.


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What makes us different?

Tenure and effective coaching are your greatest allies to improve performance, but status quo coaching programs and bad coaches are causing attrition and limiting your agent's potential. We believe that the old, punitive, ineffective way of contact center coaching is part of the performance problem, rather than a solution. 

Although we love supervisors, we understand that they are not great teachers or even experts at the skills they need to teach, so when we make a coaching assignment, we send everything a supervisor needs as part of the assignment, including instructions on HOW to coach effectively for each topic. Additionally, Valor CM integrates with AI and data to auto-assign coaching based on performance trends from all calls.   No need search through training content.  No need to search for example calls.  No need to listen to agent calls to try to figure out what to coach.  With Valor CM, supervisors are provided who to coach, what to coach and How to coach.    Using Valor CM, even your most inexperienced supervisors can quickly become coaching superstars . 


Are your supervisors training and motivating  their agents  or are they part of the problem, fueling attrition and only telling agents what they did wrong?   

Old way to coach and demoralize agents

  • Supervisors or QAs manually listen to and score less than 2% of total calls handled and then select a call to coach based on a very small sample of the agent's work.

  • Supervisors demoralize agents by providing negative feedback on multiple categories of failure from the agent's past performance and calls.  

  • Supervisors aren't SMEs and don't know how to coach effectively so the have a one-side, punitive meeting and just "tell" the agents what to do.

  • Agents see little improvement, resent their supervisor and QAs, eventually becoming demoralized and then attriting.  

Valor CM's innovative new approach to coaching

  • Data, including AI, trend and score an agent's performance in key KPIs and soft skills and automatically send eLearning specific topics and skills to be coached based on analysis KPIs and 100% of calls.

  • Supervisors motivate agents by focusing on reaching goals and improving future performance through teaching and training one skill or behavior at a time.   

  • Valor CM provides supervisors customized training lessons and instructions to help them have an effective coaching session that teaches, trains and practices skills and behaviors with their agent.

  • Agents are engaged, motivated and encouraged by coaching that focuses on teaching and training skills and that builds  a positive relationship with their supervisor while improving their KPIs.





Surprise. Employees don’t leave their company, they leave their boss

The Call Center Attrition Cycle

75% of employees who quit their jobs voluntarily, leave because of their boss, according to a survey of more than 1 million employees conducted by Gallop.


Let Liberty Call Center Solutions help improve your "bosses" today, contact us for more information.


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End the vicious call center attrition cycle today....

Start upgrading your customer's experience and increasing revenue.

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