Valor CM - Powerful, cloud-based coaching software

Helping customer's improve QA scores by an average of 16%, increase telesales conversion 50%, improve customer retention 25% and reduce attrition by 40%.

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Do your supervisors coach or do they just "tell" their agents what to do?  


Focused on skills and improvement

Includes practice and role play

Uses persuasion and experience to influence agent change

Interactively teaches agents how to do

2-way conversation

Builds agent confidence

Specific focus

Builds employee engagement


Focused on failed KPI performance

Fails to practice or role play skills

Uses position of authority to demand agent change

Tells the agents what to do

One-sided punitive conversation

Provides negative feedback

Reviews broad failure

Demoralizes and drives attrition

What makes us different?

#1 intelligent coaching software and coaching program development tool


Valor CM from Liberty Call Center Solutions combines the power of data and our customizable software to objectively determine each agent’s areas of opportunity and automatically assigns customized coaching lessons for the supervisor to coach and eLearning worksheets directly to each agent for targeted and effective performance management. Liberty will customize coaching solutions for any contact center program.  Whether it is sales, support, collections or retention, our cloud-based software offers a new approach to coaching by providing your supervisors the who, what and how to coach and train the skills most important to your agent's improvement and the customer experience .  No more excuses for not effectively coaching.    

Every contact center has a coaching program, but only Valor CM transforms your supervisors from punitive managers that drive attrition into true skills coaches that engage agents and improve performance.  

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Training Content

Don't just hope that your supervisor's know what to coach.  Give them everything they need.  All content is online and  customized to your program.

  • Skill focused Coaching Plans and Coaching Activities

  • Agent eLearning Videos and Worksheets    

  • Intelligently coach by integrating with Customer Surveys, Speech Analytics, KPI and QA data to automatically assign coaching to Supervisors

  • Create Coaching Activities based on the best practices of your best agents

  • Fully customizable 

Supervisor Excellence

Ensure your supervisors know how to coach and are not just "telling".  Provide coaching instructions for every coaching session and topic.

  • Step by Step coaching instructions  for each topic and skill your agents need

  • Practice and role play in EVERY coaching session

  • "Teach, Don’t Tell" agent Engagement

  • Coach the Coach worksheets

  • Simple to use agent and supervisor dashboards


Get your supervisors out of their chair to do their job - coach and motivate their agents.  Track and report on who is coaching who, and what is being coached.

  • Full Supervisor and Agent Reports 

  • Coaching To-Do lists 

  • Assign coaching directly to supervisors and eLearning Worksheets directly to agents

  • Searchable Coaching Form and Agent Worksheet Database

  • Coaching Acknowledgements

  • HR Policy and Compliance Coaching Tracking

  • "Desk Drop" Creation, Tracking and Reporting

You wouldn’t send a trainer to a classroom to “wing it” without a training guide and presentation…Why send your supervisors to coach without a plan and coaching guide?  

Program development


Coach the  sales skills that will transform your agents from “order-takers” into sales superstars.  Every agent will receive customized coaching on Building Trust, Probing, Sales Presentations, Overcoming Concerns and Closing the Sale.  Supervisors focus on positive coaching that builds skills and engages agents in learning and development.

Debt Collections

Maximize the potential of every call by ensuring that all agents are coached effectively and consistently to negotiate.  Utilize the right blend of empathy, urgency, advocacy and assertiveness. Customized coaching content helps your supervisors prepare your agents for every potential situation.

Customer Support

Improve CX, CSAT and call results by focusing supervisor coaching on improving agent support skills and by making sure that every agent has consistent coaching to deliver first call resolution.  Through customized coaching activities, agents learn how to de-escalate upset customers, build your brand, increase first call resolution, up-sell products and services and improve CSAT.

Customer Retention

Combine the attributes of your best support and best sales agents into customized coaching content that delivers retention skills to every agent.  Don’t rely on only your best agents to retain customers, coach and train every agent to be your best agent.  Hold every supervisor accountable for engaging and developing their agents to save revenue.

Leadership and Supervisor Training

Liberty Call Center Solutions offers onsite and remote coaching and manager development training to ensure that your leaders are engaging employees and coaching positively rather than driving attrition through poor communication and demoralizing coaching sessions.  We work one on one with your supervisors and managers to ensure that they understand the “why” and the “how” of coaching.  

Partner and Outsourcing Referral Services

Liberty Call Center Solutions understands contact centers and we have the experience and industry knowledge to assist our clients with technology and outsourcing needs.  We don't just connect our clients to the right service provider, we help them save time and money by vetting potential solutions, locations and providers.  Our clients make informed decisions, from multiple options, ensuring that they are positioned to make the most of technology and outsourcing.  At Liberty Call Center Solutions, we do the pre-work for you, we research potential providers and then allow you to make the informed and best choice for your business. Our research will allow your team to select the best solution and to negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength. 

The Attrition Cycle

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Surprise. Employees don’t leave their company, they leave their boss

75% of employees who quit their jobs voluntarily, leave because of their boss, according to a survey of more than 1 million employees conducted by Gallop.


End the vicious call center attrition cycle today....

Start upgrading your customer's experience and increasing revenue.

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